Our Vision

Educating and Advocating to further the acceptance of sustainable-regenerative development via contributions to real projects as well as furthering the knowledge base within society while developing ever improving techniques, materials and delivery methodologies for use in the development-construction, Engineering, Architecture, Urban Planning and Project Management professional fields.

Our Story Humann Building Solutions

Humann Building Solutions was formed in 1998 to address the specific needs of several clients who were seeking to work with Building Professionals who would be their advocates and project managers to ensure that their needs were addressed.  From those humble beginnings as Engineering and Management Professionals Humann has continued to grow and expand into new and aligned fields.

Humann Inc arises from Founding Principal Daniel Huard’s ongoing commitment to Lifelong Learning and Leadership. The requests for additional professional services capacity and credentialed credibility mandated an evolution which as well for best business practices requires the segregation of our business lines from each other to meet needs of our Clients and to as well clearly delineate the work we are credentialed in and capable to complete at the highest levels of competence and credibility. In fact our LEED Fellow Principal Daniel A. Huard has been referred to as the ‘Godfather of Sustainability’ within the Green Building and Net Zero networks and at events.

The Verticals within Humann Inc are Unique yet they all are interrelated and accordingly our Senior Staff includes Professionals that have Credentials, Credibility and Work Experience Globally in fields such as Engineering, Management, Leadership, Organizational Governance, Construction Project Management, Owner’s Representation, Materials Science, Building Enclosure Commissioning, Building Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning, Building Sciences, Building Control and Integration, Building Operability, Architecture, Urban Planning, Building ASHRAE and Multi-Attribute Assessments, Professional Integration of Audio – Video – Facility Control and Communications,

Our Primary Vertical Humann Building Solutions is a Multi-Disciplinary Professional Sustainable-Regenerative Development Specialty Services. Providing USGBC-CaGBC-GBCI- LEED & WELL Consulting and Facilitation, Living Future Accredited Living Building Challenge Consulting and Facilitation, LEED, ILFI-NBI NetZero Energy Building, Living Building Challenge, Green Globes and Guiding Principles Compliance Project Certifications, EPA Energy Star for Buildings Certifications, Green Globes New Construction and Existing Building GBI Certification Assessments.

Aligned Vertical Specialties: PMI PMP Project Management and Construction Management; ASHRAE Commissioning Project Management Professional Building Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning in addition to ASHRAE Level I, Level II and Level III Audit Assessments; U.S. Department of Energy Building Envelope Technology Research Team and associated Building Envelope Commissioning; Federal Guiding Principles 3rd Party Compliance Auditing; Managerial and Leadership training including LEED, WELL, ILFI as an Educator-Presenter-Facilitator in addition to EMERGE Leadership Project Faculty; Project Planning, Urban Planning with focus on Community and Business Development; Mechanical Engineering Sustainable Design, Machine and Mechanism Design; Utility Design and Construction Project Management; Infrastructure Technology and Integration; Audio-Visual, Building Systems, Control and Security Technology Solutions and Integration; Organizational Board Leadership, Organizational, Board and Corporate Board Governance, Organizational Business Planning – Business Plan Development and Organizational Marketing Plan Development.

With Humann Building Solutions’ diverse acumen and varied skillsets our Professional Expertise has contributed to numerous domestic and international High-Performance Building, Sustainable and Restorative Development projects as well as international events including Greenbuild, WaterBuild, Living Future unConference, WaterSmart Innovations, Advanced Energy Conference, Energy Management Congress, CAPAC, MiaGreen and Global Gaming Expo to name a few.

YES our Team is up to Your Challenge

Beyond possessing literally a dozen professional accreditations our staff continues to teach, mentor and contribute to the development of Green Building Rating System Standards, Global Building and Energy Codes, Building Quality Validation Standards Development, Scientific Standards Development, Product Certification Program Development, Energy Efficiency Legislation Development and have contributed to so many industry firsts in so many markets.

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