Humann Principal Daniel Huard in the Media

Daniel Huard the Senior Mentor to UNLV’s World Renowned 2013 Solar Decathlon Team shares Humann Principal Daniel Huard in the Mediathoughts with the local Las Vegas Media in February of 2014 about the relevance of the house which earned 1st place in the World for Market Appeal during the 2013 Department of Energy Solar Decathlon Competition.  Huard in the Media is not a new occurrence the interest in this project has had Huard invited to presentations and interviews locally as well as nationally contributing to a series of Hanley Wood posts. The media event highlighted how the DesertSol House is now an important interactive exhibit at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve which serves as a resource for living sustainably in the desert.

DesertSol-AwardsThe Solar Decathlon is a Global Competition held by the U.S. Department of Energy where 20 University teams from around the world compete in 10 challenges to establish a champion that powers a fully functional and desirable home on renewable energy.  The 2013 competition was hosted at Great Park in Irvine, California where Daniel Huard the team’s Senior Mentor visited as well to see the project’s on-site construction completion, attended the opening night ceremonies with the team and as well attended the contest to support the team and as well gauge the other competitors efforts. “Knowing that DesertSol would be returning to the Las Vegas Springs Preserve to serve an education and advocacy purpose following the competition really helped the team’s confidence knowing that their project would have legacy and ensured care.”

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