Humann and Team deliver Nevada State College Proposal

Today we are proud to announce that we completed our initial formal presentation to the Nevada State College and development staff from the City of Henderson. Humann Building Solutions Principal Daniel Huard stated “We are really happy that we have made it through the Letter of Interest phase and first interview with Nevada State College to become short listed and able to propose today for the new expansion to the Nevada State College”.

Huard a long been a sought‐after Green Building Expert is proud to serve the role as Program Manager and Sustainability Strategist to such a qualified project executive team that includes Gilbane Building Company, NIMA Group, financiers Mandelbaum and Pugsley Simpson Coulter Architects. Humann Building Solutions Principal Daniel Huard provided our ability to team with people that we respect and have a history of collaboration with helped us to put together an integrative project proposal that includes over $575 million in private funding. Our team intends to deliver a very innovative group of educational facilities, using partnering that’s never been seen before in the Nevada System of Higher Education. Our project team provides a comprehensive turnkey solution including financing and sustainable approach to education delivery that will benefit Nevada State College today, tomorrow and for decades to come.

While our team is prepared to go to direct negotiations with Nevada State College, the thorough research on the demographics, future income and operational cost projections for Nevada State College benefited today’s formal presentation. Our team utilized our extensive experience on over 600 completed higher education institutions to derive the highest value educational facilities concept for the expanded NSC campus. This integrative approach led to a very comprehensive program that will serve as a starting point for the development of the remainder of that 509 acre NSC parcel. Our schematic program considers serving a student population of 25,000 through the eventual organic growth of Nevada State College following the end of this anchoring phase through the remaining campus build out.

Gilbane Building Company, the Number 1 education builder in America and will serve as our team Construction Manager. Gilbane is an ideal partner, “We Care” is their motto obvious in their commitment to utilize local skills and talent in the delivery of this project and to improving the community.

Huard added “contrary to traditional delivery models this proposal brings together a cohesive, collaborative team that includes the owner.” We are anxious to work with Nevada State College and the city of Henderson to develop a ‘deep green’ sustainable development in this portion of the city using over five hundred million dollars in secured private investment funding. The success of this development will significantly advance the goals of the State of Nevada and the Nevada System of Higher Education to develop our future well-equipped, highly competent professional workforce.

Huard as well provided “This project is an ideally aligned with the long term goals of Humann Building Solutions to bring Innovative and Practical Solutions to suit our Clients Needs”

Daniel has been an active Green Building Expert for over 25 years, with an ongoing commitment to mentoring, service and leadership contributing to National Fenestration Rating Council as their 2017 and 2018 Board of Directors Vice Chair and Governance Chair, IWBI, ASHRAE, Association of Energy Engineers, USGBC’s LEED Technical Committee, USGBC Water Efficiency Technical Advisory Group as their 2018 Committee Chair, former – USGBC Western Regional Council Chairperson, USGBC Nevada President, and as well founded the Las Vegas Valley Living Building Challenge Collaborative serving as Nevada’s ILFI Ambassador. Daniel as well currently serves the U.S. DOE contributing to their Building Envelope Tech Team and has served as Technical Subject Matter Expert to the US Department of the Interior since 2009. As a former League of Indian Nations of North America Ambassador to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, Daniel focused on international sustainability programs, social and educational programs and native rights recognition and advocacy.

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