2017 Seasons Greetings from Humann Building Solutions

Humann 2017 Seasons Greetings from Humann Building Solutions

Humann Building Solutions, LLC wishes one and all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season. There are many Organizations that we need to recognize this year for their contributions to a more equitable and sustainable world I am starting with those that are immediately most thought of the this author:  USGBC commonly known as the US Green Building Council, over the past year we, (Daniel Huard specifically) has had the privilege of being invited to participate with USGBC for many opportunities. First in January Daniel continued as a member of the international USGBC LEED Water Efficiency Technical Advisory Group Daniel contributes the the ongoing development of LEED. Then in the early spring of 2017 (based on Daniel impressive presentation and organizing participation in 2016) was again invited to the WaterBuild Advisory Group for Greenbuild 2017. Daniel was provided the honor to author several articles for USGBC which were published to the USGBC.org website to become permanent resources for green building practitioners. Daniel was again selected to present at WaterBuild as well as at WaterSmart Innovations representing USGBC and the LEED WE TAG with the first presentation occurring at the October 2017 WSI conference  in Las Vegas and the follow up second presentation occurring at the 2017 WaterBuild Summit in Boston to start Greenbuild. Daniel as well facilitated a Pecha Kucha session at #WaterBuild17 and contributed to other  program events during the Greenbuild event held in Boston in November 2017. In the same stroke of the pen we definately have to thank the Boston Greenbuild https://i0.wp.com/bostongreenschools.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Greenbuild-2017-logo.png?resize=367%2C89&ssl=1Organizing Committee for putting on an amazing event it was really rewarding to participate in the process and to be there as it all came together all of the events and even the trade show floor was abuzz with announcement after announcement related to the progress that we continue to make towards a better planet.  Finally when recognizing USGBC I am so very humbled and honored that I was ascended to the 2017 Class of LEED Fellows formally at the Greenbuild Leadership Awards Luncheon, being honored with so many of my colleagues and people from the Greenbuilding Movement that I have looked up to has been such a humbling experience. “We are honored and proud to have Daniel A. Huard as one of this year’s LEED Fellows,” said Mahesh Ramanujam, president and CEO of GBCI and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

National Fenestration Rating Council …. Thank You! To my fellow Board of Director members, the amazing NFRC Staff and the super active membership thank you for the support and opportunity that you have provided me in 2017. Daniel Huard was elected to the NFRC Board of Directors for a full 3-year term following a previous partial term, Daniel became Governance Committee Chair in his previous term and in 2017 was elected to the Board of Directors Executive Committee as well. Daniel has been a steadfast proponent of great Governance and Board Best Practices and for these reasons and his other leadership traits Daniel was requested to join NFRC at the 2017 CEO Symposium in Baltimore in November to contribute to leadership development and as well as the 2017 BoardSource Leadership Forum held in Seattle, Washington in October 2017.  “We are proud of Daniel’s accomplishment and respect his commitment to green building,” said NFRC‘s CEO, Deb Callahan. “His dedication and expertise are continually helping us improve our relevance among all our stakeholders.”

On Wednesday, November 8th during Greenbuild 2017 in Boston I had the honor and pleasure to join Rob Zimmerman and Ratish Namboothiry of Kohler, at the Kohler NW Lobby – Near Rooms 207/208 Kiosk for an inspirational panel discussion: The Future of Water Infrastructure. The synopsis of the discussion was published as:  Deteriorating or non-existent water infrastructure, combined with the ever-evolving needs of a growing global population, has led Kohler to develop several innovative solutions including portable water purification products (KOHLER® Clarity, KOHLER Aquifer®) and self-contained toileting and water treatment systems (the Closed Loop Advanced Sanitation System).  Greenbuild attendees were invited to visit the inspirational panel discussion on how solutions like these could impact the future of water infrastructure and development.  The specific Kohler kiosk supported United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6 – Clean Water & Sanitation. A link to all of Kohler’s Greenbuild offerings is here: https://www.us.kohler.com/us/greenbuild/article/CNT125000002.htm

Thank you goes out to the International Living Future Institute where Daniel a Living Future Accredited Professional also serves as the only Ambassador for the State of Nevada as well as an education programming facilitator. Daniel founded the The Las Vegas Valley Living Building Challenge Collaborative to educate and advocate for a restorative future using the worlds most stringent green building rating system the Living Building Challenge as the tool for transformative change. Daniel additionally provides it is an honor to have been selected again to participate at the annual ILFI Living Future Conference thank you for allowing Kathleen O’Brien, David Eisenberg and I to present “Leadership for a Living Future”the half day workshop where we positively impacted our conference attendees and inspired them to go out into their communities and the planet as new Emergent Leaders.

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