Daniel Huard again Consultant to Cashman Equipment

In order to retain compliance with the Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy partial property tax abatement Cashman Equipment of Henderson Nevada named Daniel Huard again Consultant to Cashman Equipment to perform Commissioning and Validation of their facilities. Daniel Huard via an affiliate to Humann Building Solutions LEED Consultants was retained by Cashman Equipment in 2015 to perform a Full Campus Building Re-Commissioning exercise in order to ensure Cashman Equipment’s Administrative Offices maintained compliance with the Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy LEED Partial Tax Abatement Program.  The Cashman Equipment Administrative Offices were one of the earliest LEED Certified Projects in Nevada and as well one of the early projects recommended for attempting to qualify for a new at the time initiative by the Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy to reward buildings that build to and attained LEED Certification with a minimum level of energy use reduction attained.  The Cashman Equipment Administrative Offices attained a LEED Gold Certification which is really remarkable for a building of its usage type not typically known for being was very efficient.

Cashman Administration BuildingHumann Building Solutions, LLC Principal Daniel Huard developed a campus-wide re-commissioning plan and provided thorough commissioning exercises with evaluation of the operable systems of the campus buildings.  The process tasked then confirmed the geothermal exchange based HVAC system with hybrid integrated fluid coolers (commonly known as cooling towers) and the fluid based HVAC heat-pumps as well as more conventional energy consuming systems.  The full commissioning study in June and July of 2015 provide verification of very exemplary level of care by the on-site facilities management team and as well made several recommendations for further improvements. Cashman RecognitionThe building attained an Energy Star for Buildings rating of 86 (2014’s performance) meaning it was in the top 14% of all buildings when considering energy performance.  The revisit in 2017 for the required reporting update saw many of the initiatives recommended installed even though the campus size grew and the building gained even more occupants as well as an improved Energy Star for Buildings rating of 89.

Daniel Huard the ASHRAE-ANSI Commissioning Process Management Professional that leads Humann’s Commissioning and Technical Services Group provided “It was an honor to again work with Cashman Equipment to validate their facilities compliance with the Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy LEED Partial Tax Abatement Program. Gerry, Mario and their this team are so conscientious, the guys there are really engaged and great to work with.” We provide again that it is really humbling to see an organization really trying to make a contribution to a restorative, sustainable future.

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