Daniel Huard Keynote and Facilitator at Inaugural ChicagoBuild 2019 Conference

As the Keynote and Facilitator at the inaugural ChicagoBuild2019 the show's organizers determined in June of 2019 to select the Godfather of Sustainability as their key person to lead the Sustainability Summit and as well to provide additional moderated panel presentations. We are honored to share they selected Daniel A. Huard, LEED® Fellow, WELL AP™ and WELL Faculty at  the International WELL Building Institute™ is one of the world's most accomplished sustainability specialists, practitioners and advocates in the green building industries known as well as the Godfather of Sustainability.  'Daniel Huard was such a fortunate choice' the organizers of the show shared, they added "Since the show is developer and construction industry focused having Mr. Huard who has contributed to numerous high-profile US and International High‐Performance Building, Sustainable, Restorative and Resilient Development projects is so great for ChicagoBuild2019."

At the Chicago Build Expo, executives discussed the state of energy-efficient developments and Huard was a key contributer to those dialogs to the point that MarketScale sought him out to provide a videointerview which is already gaining a great deal of attention. That interview "How Builders Can Achive a Net Zero Energy Future" is shared here and at MarketScale as well.

Huard shared that he believes that as builders look at the future of commercial and residential properties, they must start with an examination of the life of the materials used in their construction and intended operations. “If there’s a manufacturing path that creates a product that after an end of service life of say, 10 years, then needs to go to a landfill, then something’s wrong at the drawing board at the beginning,” he said.

Even as net-zero energy buildings become more economically feasible, education and awareness will continue to play an important role in their presence in different parts of the United States and Globally. Cost savings within these buildings are not realized within initial price tag yet, Huard is confident that with a full understanding of a net-zero ecosystem, demand will continue to rise.

“We need to become more engaged and involved in our communities. So, we’re building buildings, we’re doing it responsibly, let’s make them in a manner where other people can emulate them,” Huard said. “Let’s integrate the community and let the community in so that we learn from each other.” "I am really proud of my work with the 2013 Solar Decathlon DesertSol project is being seen by over 200,000 people a year at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve" Huard shared in hopes that people see examples to emulate in their homes as well.

Daniel A. Huard is a highly sought out speaker, geen-building and resiliency authority with degrees in Engineering, Architecture and Planning, Huard holds over a dozen professional designations in addition to being a LEED® Fellow, IWBI™ WELL Faculty member, Chair of a USGBC Technical Advisory Group and Board of Directors Vice Chair for the National Fenestration Rating Council also contributing to additional professional organizations. Please reach out to Huard as Keynote and Facilitator for your events!